Once you say you'll start a business, people tend to questions you. Why? what's so special about yours? Aren't there already enough candle businesses out there?

Well, you'll see once you know a bit about me..

I was born in Seoul, Korea and by the time I even remember anything I've been traveling around the world. Country to country, continent to continent and finally settled in Manchester. Fingers crossed!

With ups and downs.. had the most amazing and diverse experience but never understood where I actually belong (root wise and culturally).

I know! might be a little too deep when explaining why my candles, ha :)

Getting there, promise!

I started to build more emotional attachment to objects than people. It was the colour, scent, feeling, and the mood that I relate more to. Also, I didn't have to say farewell to those every 2-3 years.

I'm just selling my candles for now, but I want to open a workspace where people can come and make their own candles with their own stories. 

A place where we can have fun, express ourselves (remember you are not alone) and take home a candle or more that would put a smile on your face because it reminds you of something or simply because it is just oh so cute!

Until I open a space, you can partially participate by customising your candles.

You know the trend these days are.. you don't have to burn your candles :)

Thank you!